UZ Curr Devt Workshop - March 2016.png

Presentations and Worksheets
  • Programme (Eng, Rus)
  • Guiding questions for country presentations (Eng, Rus)
  • Presentation Files
    • Opening Session: Project Overview (Progress and Plans) (Eng, Rus)
    • Session 1: Orientation on the 'National ICT Competency Standards for Teachers in Uzbekistan' (Uzb&Rus)
    • Session 2: Understanding Current Teacher Professional Development System and Structure in Uzbekistan (Rus)
    • Session 3: Country Examples of ICT-Integrated Curriculum for Teacher Professional Development
      • SMART Education in Korea (Eng)
      • Country examples of Australia, Singapore, and Myanmar (Rus&Eng)
    • Session 4: Mapping Exercise of the Current Programme Against the New National Standards [PPT&template] (Rus, Eng)
    • Session 5: Group Presentations
      • MoPE template (Uzb)
      • MoHSSE template (Uzb)
      • CSSPE template (Uzb)
    • Session 6: Curriculum Writing
      • Key Factors in Curriculum Writing (Eng)
      • Template (Rus)
    • Session 9: Group Presentations of the Revised and Finalized Curriculum Draft
      • MoPE template (Uzb)
      • MoHSSE template (Uzb)
      • CSSPE template (Uzb)
    • Session 10: Work Plan

Workshop Outcomes
  • Endorsed ICT Teacher Competency Requirements (Uzb, Eng)
  • TVET-CSSPE (MoHSSE) Endorsed Framework
    • ICT for Education Management course (Uzb, Eng)
    • ICT in Education course (Uzb, Eng)
  • MoPE ICT Competency Curricula Framework for School Teachers (Uzb, Eng)