Presentations and Worksheets
  • Programme (Eng, Rus)
  • Presentation Files
    • Opening Ceremony: Project Overview (Eng)
    • Session 1
      • Progress of the project
        • MoPE Progress and Overview of Teacher Readiness in Integrating ICT in Teaching and Learning in Uzbekistan (Rus)
        • MoHSSE (Uzb)
        • CSSPE (Uzb)
        • Endorsed ICT competency requirements for teachers (Eng)
      • Examples from other pilot countries (Eng)
    • Session 2: Group Work Part 1 - Overview of the template (Eng);
      • Curriculum development template (Eng, Uzb)
      • Rubrics for course design and development (Eng; Uzb)
    • Session 6: Orientation on the National Multimedia Centre (Uzb)

Workshop Outcomes